Just a little update


Today I finally got an explanation for why the status kept on changing when I tracked the shipment of my Hobonichi 2018 order yesterday. It was sent to the wrong PostNord agent and has since been transported to yet another agent on the opposite side of town from where I live.

It’s all very confusing, especially since I now have not only one but two tracking numbers for what appears to be the exact same order. I’m sticking with the first one since it’s the one I received from the Hobonichi Store and ends with JP rather than SE. But I guess I will have to swing by the other agent tomorrow just to check if the second tracking number belongs to a different order of mine or some other poor soul who’s waiting impatiently for their package to arrive.

This is the first time something like this has happened to me, and that is actually really shocking when you consider how much online shopping I do. Since the Swedish and Danish postal services merged together and became PostNord 8 years ago there have been many reports of letters that have disappeared or been delivered to wrong recipients, packages that have gotten damaged and so forth. It’s just a shame that it happened now.

I’m not blaming anyone, especially not the postal workers who are just trying to do their jobs under increasingly stressful circumstances (I do feel a bit guilty for putting postal workers under pressure with my global internet shopping habit, I do hope that they’re at least getting paid what they are worth so to speak). This is a political problem and should be treated as such.

By this time tomorrow, my Hobonichi 2017 will be accompanied by its successor and it will all be fine. Until then (and 107 days forward of course), my Hobonichi techo 2017 will continue to be my stationery best friend!


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