Week 2


The second week of 2018 was better than the first (no migraine!), but I spent a lot of time worrying about my mother who underwent a surgery on Tuesday.

This was her first ever surgery, so we were all extra worried. We’re kind of new to this whole hospital thing. I’m pretty sure that my brother has had a surgery or two, but me and my father have only had simple procedures done. Anyway, my mother’s operation went well and she’s at home recovering now.

Other things that happened week 2 is that I had my first semla and I bought a bouquet of tulips. Semla and tulips signify that spring is coming, although it’s about 3 months away or so.

How was your week?


My desk


On top of my wish list is a new, bigger desk (perhaps one with some kind of built-in storage?). But in the meantime, my old trusty yet wobbly IKEA desk will have to do. Because the desk is so small, I try to keep it as neat as possible. Things I don’t use on a daily basis or don’t want on the desk is kept in a yellow Helmer drawer unit on castors from… yeah, that Swedish furniture company.

Right now, most of my stationery is at my parent’s house but I’m in the process of bringing everything back to where it should be, and that is of course here in my tiny flat. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to fit everything, but it’s worth a try.

The newest addition to my desk is an analogue calendar box from Swedish home interior retailer Lagerhaus. I’ve always wanted to have something like this, but I guess a digital one would have been more practical since I’m always forgetting to update it.

Week 1


As you can see, I decided to let the Filofax rest this week (I wasn’t happy with how the spread turned out) in favour of my hobonichi techo weeks. It feels different, but good!

My first week of 2018 started really bad. I was frustrated, angry and annoyed. And on Wednesday – the only day that I had something really important scheduled (a meeting) – I got a migraine. I don’t know how, but I managed to go to the meeting despite of the headache and nausea. As soon as I came home, I went straight to bed and slept for almost 12 hours. I don’t remember much of the day after, except for feeling weak and hung over.

Things started shaping up by Friday, not only because it was my name day (Hannah’s of the world, unite and take over!) but also because I went driving with my brother. Getting that driver’s licence is one of my three main priorities for this year (getting a job and moving to a bigger flat are the other two).

Saturday was a good but uneventful day. I watched a lot of Halt and Catch Fire episodes (I love it so much! Especially Cameron Howe).

Today has been all about cleaning my flat and making plans for next week. Things are finally starting to happen!

Pinkoi haul: La Dolce Vita

For me, 2017 was without a doubt the year of La Dolce Vita and of course I had to order the LDV x Aiya Bungu washi tapes the very same day they were released on Pinkoi. They arrived yesterday and I’m especially pleased about the fact that they present something new to the aesthetic that I have come to know and love so much yet still are very much La Dolce Vita.


Aizhi stationery room paper tape


Love governance reading room paper tape


Aizhi writing studio paper tape

Each roll is like a love letter to fountain pens, ink bottles, reading, writing and the process of creativity. I get inspired just by looking at them!

Hobonichi do’s and don’ts


January 1st means that it’s finally time to open the 2018 version of the Hobonichi Techo and start using it. This will be my second year with the Hobonichi Techo and I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t for me. I’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for future reference:


  • Have fun!
  • Decorate the pages with washi tape, stickers, Polaroid Zip photos… anything that you can think of.
  • Play around with different layouts.
  • Write about what you really want to remember about each day.


  • Write with fountain pens. Sure, the Tomoe River paper is fountain pen friendly… but if you lack the patience to wait for the ink to dry, it’s just going to be a big mess.
  • Use different ink colours/pens except for highlighting something very special.
  • Write about every single thing you did, focus on what made the day special.


  • The Hobonichi Techo should be all about you, and what makes you… well, you.
  • Don’t shy away from the bad stuff, but don’t drown in it!

How will you use your Hobonichi this year? What works for you? What doesn’t?

Cats, stationery and New Year’s Eve

Cats and stationery are my great loves, but they don’t always go together. Imagine this: you have bought yourself a portable photo studio with a tent, tripod, backgrounds and lights so that you don’t have to rely on the fickleness of the sun in order to get decent photographs of your ever-growing stationery collection. You set it up and start shooting right away.

Then, the ever so curious cat realizes that a new, warm and cozy tent has been brought into the house that just has to be explored.

You’re probably able to figure out exactly what happened next, but here’s some visual aid in case you need it.


It started pretty innocent at first. Cinnamon was happy just quietly observing the items.


Then she started shuffling them around trying to get ahold of something to chew on and ultimately push to the floor.


That escalated rather quickly leading to Cinnamon being evicted from the tent.

In hindsight, I could probably have let her stayed a while longer in the tent since she had to endure a series of not so pleasant experiences (getting bathed and groomed) in preparation of a cheesy New Year Eve’s photo that I just can’t resist to share with you all:


She looks absolutely miserable, doesn’t she? Oh, well. With this photo I would like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all your hopes and dreams come true in 2018.

Week 52


A couple of days earlier than usual, I know. I guess I was a bit eager to switch out the 2017 Week on two pages diary for the 2018 version. “Out with the old, in with the new” has always been my thing. I’m terrible with endings, I just wanna move on to the next thing.

Anyway. This last week of 2017 has been a somewhat pleasant yet boring experience. I’ve been to our traditional christmas dinner at my friend Klara’s house and I also went to Gothenburg. But for the most part, I’ve just been trying to pass the time.

I’m looking forward to next week, I mean, a whole new year is just a couple of days away! I’m so excited.

How was your week?